8, 9 & 10 July 2016 /Cargèse

Clin d'oeil du I Charleston Carghjese 2014

un grand merci à Niko et Audrey de PAcaswing

pour ce super we  

The love story between Cargèse and Swing began in 2012 thanks to Andy SPITZ and his girlfriend, Aurore PALLARES, who facilitated the first "Swing'in Cargèse" Festival.  This was a memorable weekend during which they taught lindy hop throughout the village.

Audrey and Niko from Aix en Provence will come to further the training and make us better lindy hoppers.

Cargèse is a wonderful little village, but it doesn’t enjoy many dancers! We do hope to wake the Swing potential with this year’s ambitious initiative.

A top-level training in Corsica: we will benefit from 4 teaching couples among which Anne Hélène and Bernard, who dance and teach at international level.


There will be BANDS throughout the weekend for an unrivalled interaction and musical vibration with the dancers.


MUSICAL APPROACH workshops for adults and CHILDREN


Support to Charlie, a little girl of the village, to help her develop her motor skills.



SWING'in CARGESE is a Festival created by the association NEDA in Cargèse, Children First, that organises art and culture initiatives all year long in the village.



Why Swing ?


Carine Bidet and Maria AMEDEI created the association in 2011. Carine is passionate about SWING - mostly balboa - and launched the idea, which Maria made true. The challenge was tough.

Up to now, local dancers haven’t been convinced by the SWING vibe. This is why we decided to make things differently:

Having top dancers coming over for a long weekend in an outstanding atmosphere and setting... will hopefully instil the – delicious- virus of SWING?!


The NEDA team is also made up of Valérie Clémens and Sabine Benyamine who actively participate in the organisation as well as many people in the village who are so valuable to our young association.


You can visit the association website at www.nosenfantsdabord.com